Machu Picchu & Hauyanapicchu

Date:Oct. 29, 2013/Time:9:30 & 1:30/Location: Hauyanapicchu & Machu Picchu


In the same day I had two very different moments of soundscaping where I observed my surroundings and express my feelings. The first was on the top of Hauyanapicchu after a successful hike with my group. The view was so breath-taking and stunning and I felt such joy and relief standing there overlooking Machu Picchu. The days coming up to this moment had been full of nervousness and excitement because of the dangerous trail climbing up and the thrill of doing something new. I knew the trail would be difficult because the stone steps were unstable and in different sizes ranging from huge stepping stones to that smaller than the size of my shoe. It had also rained the day before so the ground would be slippery to walk on. Luckily though as we all climbed up there was a make-shift rail and a wall to keep our balance. I was uncertain about doing this hike because I never climbed such a mountain like this before where the altitude changes. All my expectations though were for the most part very different from the real experience of hiking it.

I felt exhilarated while climbing because I was so focused and driven to make it to the top, the moments where it was scary were overrode by the support I got from my group who encouraged me to keep going. Going up in altitude made me winded but not enough to really slow me down, having small plateaus along the way helped tremendously because I could catch my breath. When I finally reached the top I was amazed at how fast we got there, I was told we had made a break record which was impressive. What was really cool about being at the top was that I got a 360 degree look at everything from Machu Picchu to glaciers in the distance. In that instant all my fears and worries had disappeared and I felt really accomplished and overjoyed. The prospect of coming back down the mountain was a bit more scary than I thought because of the constant feeling that I will fall head forward down the steps. I managed though and when I reached the bottom I was once again relieved. For the rest of the day though my legs wouldn’t stop shaking. This whole experience was amazing and fun, I’m so happy that I did it. It was such a beautiful sight, one that I’ll never forget in my lifetime.


Later that day I had another soundscape while looking at Machu Picchu with Hauyanapicchu in the background. What struck me was how Hauyanapicchu had becoming something meaningful to me at that moment when it hadn’t exactly done so before. On our first day of visiting Machu Picchu, I had been in awe of Hauyanapicchu because of it’s size and majesty. It was difficult to believe that someone could climb all the way to the top. However now that I have actually done so, I have a newly found respect and understanding of it’s reputation. Recalling everything that Sonia had said about the Incas and their culture, it made sense now why they worshipped Hauyanapicchu and other mountains as their gods. The ways in which they tied their belief with nature gave my experience of visiting Machu Picchu and Hauyanapicchu a truly wonderful time.

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